Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Easy Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes

Yes Im doing yet another cupcake blog. But this was for my firend Ashley's birthday! I just used a simple chocolate cake mix and then added a can of cherry pie filling. The actual cupcake came out nice and moist with a good cherry bite. If you want more of a strong cherry flavor, I suggest adding some cherry flavored surup or some cherry extract, maybe a couple of teaspoons.  The icing is a super easy ganache. I didnt want it to thicken up because i wanted that nice glossy shine so I just used about 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2 cups of heavy whipping cream.  I heated the cream to a light boil, while stirring to avoid burning, and then added to the chocolate chips. I left the bowl unstirred to heat up the chips and then whisked until smooth. Once cooled, I dipped the cupcake into the ganache mixture and added a maraschino cherry on top. These were super simple and very delicious. They're good on a short time frame too!

  These are on my little portable cupcake display holder that attches to my cupcake pan. Its pretty spiffy!

                  I used Ariel cupcake liners because The Little Mermaid is her favorite movie :)

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  1. Awesome, Crystal!! They look delicious!!